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What kind of USB connections are with the tablets?

  • 04-02-2013 9:14pm
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    Are there usb connections for the ipad/mini and samsung tablets? Are there special ones spotted a lightening connection for ipad? What's it for the samsung? I spotted some specs online and confused as to weather they have usb connections or not. One mentioned a usb 2.0 host what does that mean or what is it? I know with the toshiba and the asus if they have the expandable keyboard with them the transformer its called with the asus have usb connections. Expandable memory would be a major plus as its mostly memory sticks I use.

    When they state micro usb it confuses me is it all one or two?

    Internet then is there a sim slot for your own internet broadband without having to use the wifi/celluar/3g version for samsung or ipad/mini. What is the retenia differ to the celluar, celluar be similar to 2g but would be less than the 3g in terms of internet/available data that is the impression I get that wifi is better for a tablet unless you can connect them to your own O2 internet broadband is this possible?

    Which is better the ipad or ipad mini or compare to samsung tablets?

    I like the sleek designs but not sure about the apps which ones are better as a tablet.

    How would you compare the tablet brands i've mentioned?

    Thanks in advance for any info.