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Much Ado About Nothing JDIFF

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    Much Ado About Nothing
    Savoy / 06.30pm
    Saturday 23 February, 2013

    Joss Whedon will attend the screening.

    Tickes on sale tomorrow here:

    Or filmbase in Templebar, don't say you weren't told :)

    "Joss Whedon's impact on youth culture is already hard to overestimate. Now he’s made the first great contemporary Shakespeare since Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

    The concept is not so incongruous: Whedon is one of the few blockbuster film-makers who also has a semi-rep acting company. Small-name regulars from Buffy, Angel and Firefly reel off blank verse in the director’s own LA mansion. He shoots the play like an episode of Desperate Housewives – an especially farcical one.

    Whedon’s key coup is in simply directing a very good version of the play. He’s got a keen ear for comedy, a no-nonsense approach to ditching the gags that don’t work, a deft hand for slapstick and an eagerness to use it. The vainglory and the self-delusion of his leads is beautifully done by both Alexis Denisof (Benedick) and Amy Acker (Beatrice); Whedon adds a one-night stand flashback that lends strange credence to their bruised egos and prickly banter.

    Much Ado may be a bit of a B+ staple on the Shakespeare circuit, but Whedon makes it feel second to none."