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Is there anywhere in Dublin that sells filmjölk or salmiak?

  • 20-01-2013 12:41am
    Registered Users Posts: 74 ✭✭✭ Steppes

    Hej allihopa,

    I figured this was as good a place to post this as any. Apologies if I've got the wrong board. I'm looking for somewhere in Dublin where I could buy filmjölk and/or salmiak (salty liquorice). I know of the Swedish Food Company, but I don't seem to remember them having a particularly good selection of non-deli stuff.

    Tack för hjälpen!


  • For filmjölk you might check out the Polish and Lithuanian stores. There are drinks like Maślanka and Kefir/Kefyras that are similar (but not the same) to filmjölk. It might tie you over until you find actual filmjölk. :-)

    As for salmiak, you might want to check some of the health food stores in Dublin. I know when I was last in Cork in the CoOp they had sweet Panda liquorice. Maybe the stores in Dublin have salmiak/salmiakki also.

    There is a Finnish-Irish society to find out about salmiakki.

    This is a link to a Finnish girl's blog. She's in Galway but likely knows most of the Finns in Ireland who are online. No harm in asking there also.

  • Ikea food section might have it.

  • Steppes wrote: »
    Hej allihopa,

    I'm looking for somewhere in Dublin where I could buy filmjölk and/or salmiak (salty liquorice).

    Tack för hjälpen!

    Hej Steppes!
    Undrar on du hittade filmjölken nå'n gång?
    I have also been thinking of somehow getting filmjölk, I found a link to an online Kefir shop in UK, they sell Filmjölk starter for 5 sterling pounds, and they ship worlwide, not sure how much postage is, just passing on this info
    here's the link,
    You have to go to the Shop tab and then scroll down to the Yogurt section, it's about the 5th item down, and in the yogurt section you have to access the dropdown menu where it says Matsoni and then you will see Filmjölk starter as an option there.
    They also have Kefir, Kombucha, Viili and Piima, etc,
    best of luck with the purchase!

  • I know it's an old thread, but Buttermilk is the same as low fat filmjölk :)

    Funkar fint fast den é tunn ;)