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** Forum Charter -- Read Before Posting **

  • 14-01-2013 6:20pm
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    Welcome to the Tablets forum. Please take a moment to read and understand the charter.

    Please also familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use and Frequently Asked Questions!

    What should I post here?
    The tablet forum covers all of the Tablet PC ranges (iPad, Android, Windows etc.). Please note that platform specific questions as iOS, Android, Windows etc. may be moved. If your question is regarding the Tablets operating system or management software (iTunes, Kies etc.) please use the following forums instead:
    * Apple Devices
    * Android
    * Windows

    Piracy Discussion (Warez)
    Discussion of where and how to engage in app or media (Music, Books, Video etc.) piracy is not permitted on this forum, that includes, but is not limited to asking how to "Torrent", "Crack/Keygen/serial" etc. Users will be warned if they post illegal content and expect their thread will be edited/removed by a moderator. Please report such threads to a moderator (see below).
    Users may discuss the impact of piracy, morality etc. It goes without saying user's should not link to sites associated with piracy, i.e: Warez Forums or Torrent sites.
    Further more asking to crack passwords/encryption on devices is not permitted, unless the user owns the device and is not doing so out of maliciousness.

    Discussion on VPNs/Proxies, bypassing region locking such as GeoIP blocking
    Discussion of VPN products to specifically bypass region restrictions is not permitted in this forum. Likewise discussion of streaming pirated materials, such as movies, tv shows, etc. is not permitted.
    Users who post such threads may be warned and the topic will likely be edited/deleted by a Mod.

    Bypassing Corporate/School etc. firewalls discussion
    If your company or school employ a system to block certain sites, please do not ask for advice in bypassing these measures. It's likely the sites are blocked for a good reason. If you feel a site is blocked that shouldn't be, this is a point to raise with your IT manager, not here.

    Asking for Help and Helping Others
    Anyone is welcome to help out other users or ask questions on this forum. Please ensure that if you are asking for help that you include details to go alongside the problem. For example if your tablet does not turn on please include the following details:
    - Make and model of the Tablet
    - System software version (e.g: iOS 6, Android 4.2 etc.) if known.
    - Tried different chargers, cables, USB sockets?

    Personal Abuse, Spamming or Trolling
    Please note that personally abusing another member is not tolerated on this forum. Users who do so would expect a warning or possibly ban. Be courteous, voice your opinion, but in an inoffensive way.
    Please do not use this forum to promote your own business/services. Please drop a mail to [email protected] if you are interested in advertising on Boards.
    Trolling is also not permitted on this forum, this means winding other posters up or posting idiotic responses.

    Not answering the question asked
    If people are having issues with their current machine please do not post "Get an Android", "Get an iPad", "Get a Mac" etc. type responses. These are neither helpful to the user or a solution.

    Should I start a new Thread or post in an older one?
    If you have an issue please refrain from posting it in a previously made thread, unless it had been posted recently and you are having the same problems. People will likely ignore your post if you do this, and answer the thread starter’s question.
    Please do not bump threads older than ~12 months to ask a question. This will likely have the Thread closed.
    Finally users should use common sense to avoid receiving warnings/bans. Please note that a Moderator may move, delete or close threads if they breach the rules. Moderators may also edit posts/thread titles if needed.
    If you discover a post you believe to be in breach of the rules please use the report.gif Report Button on the thread. That way a Mod or Admin is notified and can take action, if neccesary.

    If people have any queries regarding the charter, please Private Message (PM) a moderator on the forum.

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