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High Score Competition - Win Fame & Fortune*!!!

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    *Due to slight variations in builds between iOS and Android we're going to have TWO winners, one on each platform!*

    We need as many games played as possible this week so we have enough data to go on for final tweaks. To help ramp things up we're kicking off a high-score competition.

    Dates: Now until midnight on Wednesday 16th of January (slight extension)

    Prize: The tester with the highest score at the end of the competition period will get their name in the credits of 'The Jump'. (which after one hundred billion downloads will make you hotter than Bieber!**)

    Tap on the 'Stats' button on the main game menu to view the latest leaderboards.
    • To be eligible, the score must appear on the World leaderboard in UT4 version of The Jump (latest test build) before above date
    • To have your score appear you must accept to share score info when first loading the game. If you have previously disallowed this just uninstall/reinstall and you'll be prompted again.
    • When entering a name on the Stats page, please pick something close to your boards name so we know where to hurl the abuse when you beat us :)
    • Gone Gaming crew will be playing too, but we're not eligible for the prize... mainly because we're already in the credits... We'll identify ourselves here so you know the top tester score.

    You can find basic information for scoring in the Help section of the game

    Here's some more detailed Tips & Tricks which will come with the Go Pro pack when the game is released:

    Good luck! You're going to need it... :D

    * Fame consists of a prominent listing in game credits (they're short), fortune not guaranteed.
    ** If we get that many downloads we'll buy you a sauna


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