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  • 04-01-2013 9:44pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3 willkillslot

    We've all seen the "Free" holidays offered by on Facebook url][/url but has anyone seen any terms and conditions or winners for that matter?
    I tried asking for terms and conditions 3 times before I got a response and basically they are either a bunch of idiots, or a bunch of scammers, or both.
    To enter any said competition a photo has to be liked and shared, you would assume then that by doing this you would then be entered in the current competition... not a bit of it.
    Entry in the competition is purely dependent on their reaching 10,000 likes and then their picking one of them as winner.
    Not one of the people who liked them and liked and shared their new picture, just anyone who liked them ever.
    So whilst you are dutifully sharing their crap with all your friends and everyone is excited about 2 weeks in the sun some bozo who clicked like by accident 4 years ago is about to be picked.
    My reply when I inquired and explained the little the fault in their logic, i.e. there not being any was "God... we are giving away a weeks accommodation so CHEER UP and GOOD LUCK"
    What can I say, I still wouldn't say no to a free holiday but I pity anyone that is thinking of handing over their hard earned cash to such a bunch of idiots!