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Remember how we said there wouldnt be a User Test 4? Weeellllllll....

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    Ok, so we're still trying to find the perfect polish and UT3 wasnt it.

    We've tweaked things again and this time we believe we are ready for the final user test.

    After this, we will create and release a "Release Candidate" which is a version of the game which, if no one shouts STOP, will be the one we release to the shops.
    We have about 2 weeks of pure 3d modelling and lots and lots of polish on the stuff around the track (like smashed signs, collapsed over heads) which we can only do once the track is finalised (its a one time pass sorta thing).

    We expect Release Candidate in a week to 10 days time. That will actually be the last one and will be the end of the free coins im afraid :/ cos we need to finally test the purchasing system :)

    If everything goes well, we submit it to Apple and Google late in Jan and then push the marketing as soon as they green light it. Should take about a week.

    You can find UT4 here and I'll be sending out the usual email now...

    Many thanks for your help!
    (pls someone beat Karl).


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