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CAD on the iPad- is there such a thing?

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    Hi guys,
    Laptop's borked & I need to get a new one. Thinking long & hard, getting an iPad instead makes more sense for me for everything I'd use it for, except designing. Is there such thing as a decent CAD package on the iPad? Either a 2D drawing app or a 3D modeller? Cheers.


  • I'm not sure about any 3D packages but for 2D there is .

    I don't have an ipad so don't know if it has the same functionality as a desktop version.

  • If you can get Google Chrome on you're ipad, try out Autodesk Homestyler from the Google Chrome webstore, its basically 2d/3d room planner etc app and free to download.

    if you go to the webstore and click on the productivity heading, then click creative you shall find it there, also there are some other 2d cad apps there. havent tried any of them tho.. let us know how you get on!

  • I have an iPad, iPhone and a Google Nexus 7 which is like an iPad mini and have AutoCAD WS which is the mobile app version of CAD on them all.

    It's useless on an iPhone but I do use it the odd time for presenting or showing a small cad drawing to a client on the iPad and Nexus. It has a grey scale mode so they look pretty good and you can zoom in and out and pan around nicely. While quiet a few of the basic drawing tools are there and the layers menu work like a desktop a tablet itself isn't quiet good enough for Drawing. I'd say we are still about 2-3 years away from a tablet powerful enough. Even then the touch screen isn't good enough for drawing as its not precise enough. Fingers are too big and you have to constantly zoom in to get the accuracy you need so I think I'll still need a mouse and keyboard to draw in a few years. I'm on about large 2D cad drawings. Were probably more than 4 years away from something like Revit running on a tablet.

    I am looking forward to it as panning and zooming around does work well and can't wait for a tablet powerful enough but we're not there yet.

    As for a chrome or browser based work like mentioned above they are like tablets. Available but not yet powerful enough.

  • I found it was not possible to do much design using an iPad and AutoCADWS. Get a laptop if you have design work to do, AutoCADWS is fine for making basic alterations to a .dwg but its not a design tool.