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Geocaching Forum Charter - Read Before Posting

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    Hello and welcome to the Geocaching forum. This forum is for discussion of Geocaching and related topics. We've laid down some rules for the forum below, follow these and we'll get along fine:

    General Rules

    • The site guidelines apply here as they do across the site.
    • This is NOT a medical board. If you need medical advice see a doctor.
    • Asking advice on alternative remedies is also asking medical advice. Don't ask and DO NOT answer. We will be harsh should you answer i.e. you'll be banned.
    • If you manage, own or are involved in a commercial company then please do not post or promote on their behalf. All commercial users should read their specific guidline
    • If you have a club we'd love to hear about it but don't spam the forum looking for members.
    • If you have a website it would be preferable if you made a contribution to the forum before posting 'Here's my site' links. Offending posts/threads may be deleted.
    • If you've found a good resource for buying equipment then please tell us about it. That's one of the purposes of this board.
    • If you're selling some of your own gear then use our sister site
    • Posts containing personal attacks on another user will be edited/deleted. The poster may receive a temporary ban from this forum. Please keep your temper.
    • Each post has a 'Report' link in the bottom right hand corner. Use this to report a post to the moderators.
    • Any threads that may be used to discuss illegal activities (such as drug use) may be locked or deleted. If a thread is locked feel free to contact the moderators to argue your case.
    • Try and stay on topic please.
    • Please be aware that Geocaching has its own code of ethics and etiquette with regards to how that it is practised. Try to respect the wishes and the ethics of the community involved. Failure to do so may result in moderator intervention.
    • If you have a question then feel free to start a new thread, you are under no obligation to search the forum before asking. is a discussion forum site, it is not a search engine. Insisting that people search the forum before asking a question may result in moderator action.
    • If you are unhappy with moderating on this forum then you need to contact one of the moderators via private message, after that you can use the help desk. Discussing moderator actions in thread is not how works and it may also result in moderator action.

    Geocaching forum specific guidelines:

    • Strictly no posting of coords in the forum
    • No spoilers please! Only cache owners should give helpful tips on how to find a cache.
    • Do not use the term "Muggles" in a derogatory manner. We are here to be friendly and help, not insulting or childish.

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