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Gangnam airsoft

  • 19-12-2012 11:17am
    Registered Users Posts: 63 ✭✭✭ tcac

    OK since its the last sunday before christmas we want to do a special fun event. Its going to be normal days airsofting but we will be taking video of you if the camera turns on you and we give you the signal you do gangnam dance, at the end of the day we will compose all video and put it up on utube your 5 mins of fame lol.

    23rd december 2012 in The Compound Airsoft Club

    Also we are doing €15 for full day airsofting + FREE Hot Dog / Crisps for all too

    Gates OPEN @ 10am and the day finishes at 3pm ( but we want to do a group dance of gangnam style so give us some time afterwards too)

    Don't worry it wont affect the games in anyway!