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Indian volcanoes blamed again for dinosaur extinction


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    That's a creepy image right there....

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    I'm a big fan of the deccan traps being the dino killer, I think the chicxulub impact predates the extinction event by around 300,000 years. Gerta Keller of Princeton University is probably the main anti chicxulub authority out there at the moment, her papers are pretty convincing. There is also a potential impact relating to the deccan traps aswell, the shiva meteor impacted during the deccan trap event when India seperated from the Seychelles 65 ma. However I doubt one impact alone is going to be able to wipe out that much life in one go, you'd need a few impacts.
    India was going over a pretty large hotspot 65ma known as the reunion hotspot and they have pinpointed the age of the most active period of the event as being pretty close to the k-t boundary.
    this piece is pretty good. There's a 600m thick section of flood basalt that was erupted and piled up over 30,000 years. think of the amount of toxic gases that would have been ejected into the atmosphere and into the oceans then!!!