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English at TCD?

  • 07-12-2012 5:28pm
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    I am a sixth year student, and am considering pursuing further education in English. Could anyone please tell me what they think of the course in TCD - past experiences, comments on lecturers, the campus, and the like.
    I would love to hear any stories/advice you have to help me decide which course to take. Thank you all very much.

    I am reasonably distraught - I am totally torn between going to UCD or Trinity,
    is there anything that puts TCD far above UCD in your opinions?



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    'Reasonably distraught' - don't put that one in your English essays.

    Both universities have different ways through which English can be approached. In Tinity you can take English through TSM, which would mean studying something else with it until 4th year, or as a single honours course. Either way, both are very intensive in terms of reading and definitely geared towards academic study of literature and literary theory, rather than composition.

    It obviously depends on your personal preferences but TSM would seem a lot more attactive to me as not only would you have more hours in college, therefore more structure in life and more time with friends, you'd also have the variety and stimulation that another course would offer. I liked variety as an undergraduate as it meant that I could change my train of thought totally if I was getting bogged down with work or becoming stressed. It was also nice to bring approaches from different fields together when doing research work.

    As for UCD, it also has different ways that you can take English. I know people that have studied it there but can't really comment myself. Someone else should be able to help you.

    Good luck.

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    Hey there.

    I'm currently doing single honors English, first year at TCD! First things first, find out as much about your choices as possible. Had I known more about how this course is I probably wouldn't have gone single honors...
    It's very extensive on the reading side. We have 6 modules per term and each of those require a lot of time allocated for reading at home. If you were to keep up with the reading prescribed, it'd be like... reading half a novel 5 days a week? I dunno, I don't read what is required of me cus I'm a lazy, sour **** and when it comes to doing essays, you suffer. Also, if you fancy single hons, you will have to study Old English. To summarize, its pure hell. Were just learning a completely new foreign language, the grammar aspect is very heavy too. Nobody likes it much at first, towards the end your view on it will change depending on how well you've taken to it. All being said, it is do-able, but it is a pain in the arse as well.
    Lectures and tutorials are good! The campus is beautiful, being at Trinity really is a privilege. The (f)Arts Block (where most of your **** will be on) is irritating on the best of days, tracksuit bottoms are ostracized and a prickster disposition is encouraged. Don't have any preconceptions that it'll be an easy ride - I got an A1 in LC English but it honestly means nothing here. You need to be smart, devoted and very critical to do well. There'll be a lot of individual work necessary on your part, but if you can get into Trinity then I'd advise you to go for it! **** UCD as it were :D

    I know people in my course who love it! But there are some who werent well enough informed before accepting it and regret it. Apologies if that was lengthy and boring but had I had information like this before I filled in the CAO, I'd be drifting through the Hamilton everyday in my hoodie and tracky bottoms, not fighting for a couch/air to breathe in the Arts block everyday :)