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Website review

  • 04-12-2012 3:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 62 ✭✭ jazzyk

    Hi all, looking for some feedback for a website my wife's been working on, She is a teacher and is working on this idea with another language teacher.

    Basically its a language learning website with video where students can connect with students from schools in another country.
    Thanks in advance


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,478 ✭✭✭ Squeeonline

    It's quite nice but I would change a few things.

    Body text is too small, and there's too much of it all at once, especially in the about section. I'm turned off from the website as it's too much text. Have a video (max 2 minutes, preferably 1 minute) embedded on the front page, but also have a short text version. You should be able to fit it into a sentence. You already have actually in your above post "its a language learning website with video where students can connect with students from schools in another country."

    id=header is too large. It's fine initially, but when you scroll down it should shrink a little so there's more screen real estate for content.

    What age group do you expect your users to be? Primary/Secondary/Third level? Website looks quite targeted to the parents of children rather than the children themselves. I suppose that's a good decision since they'll be paying for it. Might be good to partner up with schools to encourage them to get kids to use it. A friendlier (but not tacky) interface should be on the childs end.

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    On the front page ;

    'about lingua swap' try summarize the site in a few lines (EG, Linguaswap gives students the opportunity to practice the language they are learning at school with a native speaker of their own age. Sign up or Sign in) and remove the rest of the text there is way to much for a landing page. Then finish with the footer, give the rest separate pages if people want to read about that stuff. Take a look at the Facebook landing page, I get the idea that's the look they are going for.

    Is the site just aimed at young people all the pictures are young people? There might be a market for older users don't isolate them !

    Overall , I like it simple and to the point makes me want to know more.

    Best of luck.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,788 ✭✭✭ SimonTemplar

    I'm not a web designer but here is my two cents:

    I like the simple uncluttered design.

    I also think it's really cool that each section in the top menu is automatically highlighted as the user scrolls down the page. I haven't seen that before (but then again I haven't been looking for it ;) )