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Kenya gets 10% of electricity from geothermal

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    Kenya’s GDP is expected to grow by at least 10% from 2012. In Vision 2030, Kenya aspires to become a mid-income economy. To attain Vision 2030, the government’s forecast is to generate 15,000 MW, 5000MW will come from geothermal. Today, the total effective installed capacity stands at 1533 MW.

    For a long time, Kenya has relied on hydroelectricity with perennial power outages forcing the government to invite emergency power producers who use diesel to generate electricity. This stop-gap measure is a two edged sword. First, it increases the cost of electricity and second, it causes massive pollution.

    The government has identified the country's untapped geothermal potential as the most suitable indigenous source of electricity. GDC will drill 1400 steam wells to provide steam for the generation of 5,000MW of geothermal power by 2030.