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iOS Devices + 4G (LTE)

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    So ComReg officially announced the results of the 4G spectrum auction. Which is the first step to Ireland finally getting 4G (LTE) speeds. I wasn't expecting anything so soon. Normally Ireland are 5 years behind with these kinda things. According to most of the mobile providers Ireland will start seeing the LTE rollout in 6-12 months which I again thought would of been a lot longer. And one of the terms of the deal was they have to get it going within 3 years of getting the licenses so even delayed we will see in by the end of 2015 at the latest.

    Good news for anyone who recently bought any iOS devices. AFAIK the new iPhone 5, iPad (4th Gen) and iPad mini are all ready to go for LTE in Ireland. I think, and i'm not 100%, but the 3rd Gen iPad isn't able to run on 4G over here and is a US only version. Again i'm not sure but I think it's something to do with the chip Apple used.

    I'd be happy to see Meteor roll it out by the end of next year. Living in Dublin so will probably see it first and have an iPhone 5. Luckily i've the Wifi only version of the iPad (3rd Gen) so it doesn't bother me.

    Interesting to see how this plays out and if they meet the targets. Vodafone are expecting to roll it out by summer 2013. Not much of a timeframe.