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    Before posting any content on the Sports Forum please make sure you have read this charter and adhere to the following rules:
    • First and foremost, no abusive or offensive posts please...any users who post offensive content will receive infractions and/or bans depending on the severity of the offending content. Users are required to behave in a mannerly way and show respect for all users at all times. We all have differing opinions on matters from time to time but users must always act in a civil manner when pointing out our differences. If you feel that another user has crossed the line and is posting in a demeaning or offensive manner then you should report the post and explain why you think the post is unacceptable. Don't retaliate in kind by posting offensive comments of your own....this will result in infractions and/or bans where necessary.
    • Do not deliberately derail threads or drag them needlessly off topic.
    • Do not post soccer threads in this forum. If you wish to discuss soccer issues then I suggest you post in the "Soccer Forum" and if you haven't done so already, you can seek access of that forum by contacting the mods of that forum. Just because you do not have access to the soccer forum it doesn't mean you can post your soccer issues in the Sports Forum. Offenders will be warned and possibly infracted on first offence, the offending post(s) will be deleted and that user will be asked to read the "Sports Forum Charter" before posting any further content. If that user continues to post soccer content then they will receive a ban.
    • This is a general sports forum where all sorts of sports issues can be discussed. However, if it is thought that a thread is more suitable to one of the various sports specific forums (e.g. Athletics/Running Forum, Cycling Forum, Golf Forum, etc.) it will be moved to the more appropriate forum.
    • Do not try to sell or advertise any goods or services. You will need to seek the approval of the admins in these matters and follow the procedures as laid out in the guidelines. See here also for more details.
    • Please do not provide any links to illegal or licensed content...this means any video streams you link to must be legal in Ireland and not under any licensing or copyright laws. Equally, if you are posting information about an article, it is unacceptable that you copy and paste the entire content or indeed a large chunk of text. Instead, you should post a link to the article, possibly giving a quote or two from the text. Otherwise you can give a brief analysis of the article in your own words but you must always cite the source of the content, never passing off the information as your own work.
    • Please do not post in "txt speak"....basically it makes for extremely tedious reading so please refrain from posting in this style.

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