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Donegal school lip dub!

  • 12-11-2012 6:14pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 5,886 homer simpson

    Some effort went into this, I think the end result is pretty good too, fair play to them.


  • Registered Users Posts: 556 baztard

    Savage, must have been some craic making that!

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,596 ✭✭✭ anniehoo

    Ah cool, really enjoyed that, fair play definitely a lot of effort went into it!

  • Registered Users Posts: 16,973 ✭✭✭✭ challengemaster


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 9,193 ✭✭✭ [Jackass]

    Very, very good. Fair play to them.

  • Registered Users Posts: 943 ✭✭✭ Enright

    Excellent - well worth the 8 min 20 seconds

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  • Moderators, Education Moderators Posts: 29,896 Mod ✭✭✭✭ randylonghorn

    Kids actually having fun in school?

    Revolutionary concept, I know ... :pac:

  • Registered Users, Regional North Mods Posts: 15,127 Mod ✭✭✭✭ kerry4sam

    Ah fantastic! Cheers for sharing this, looks like they'd great fun :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,814 TPD

    Ah jesus, I went to that school, 8 minutes 22 seconds of pure cringe.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,538 ✭✭✭ flutterflye

    I was hoping the principal at the end would start doing gangnam style after he got rid of all the kids.

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 9,468 ✭✭✭ Celly Smunt

    did they record this with a calculator? the quality is dirt.

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  • Moderators, Education Moderators, Regional South East Moderators Posts: 12,329 Mod ✭✭✭✭ byhookorbycrook

    Wow, some effort is right!

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,872 ✭✭✭ Dickerty

    pmcmahon wrote: »
    did they record this with a calculator? the quality is dirt.

    Camera is a Potato...?


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,812 Vojera

    Good, I'd say a tonne of work went into it. It really makes me think of South Park though:

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,330 ✭✭✭ Guill

    Dancing on table - ear reddening
    Sliding on stairs - bolocking
    Dancing in the hall - standing for rest of day
    Guitar in the hall - principles office
    Writing on the walls - £5 fine
    Ruinning in the halls - fine
    Not wearing uniform - sent home
    Wearing tie on the head - sent home
    Sword fighting in the hall suspension
    Wearing hat in class - suspension
    Breathing fire - expulsion
    Setiing of fire extinguisher - fine, expulsion.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,757 bohsboy

    Amazingly not one mention of Jimmys Winning Matches.....:confused: