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Building a Mast | What's involved?


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    ^^^ You might get an answer to the planning permission question in that forum if that is any help to you. More likely better off talking to your local authority for certainty about it though.

    Sounds like an interesting project. Don't know anyone from my company that I could ask unfortunately, I'm in the wire line part of the business.

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    Regarding planning, unless it is exempt it would need planning. I know rooftop TV masts up to 15ft were exempt in Dublin years ago but I assume this would not apply in this case. People build stuff without planning all the time but all it takes is one objection up to 20 years later and it needs to come down.

    If you don't own the land the site is on you should consider a written long term agreement as rents can go up especially when they realise you have no choice. A once off purchase would work out cheaper long term.

    Height of mast depends on the needs. It would need to be higher than all nearby trees would every grow to keep line of sight to where you are linking to.

    The other issue is stability. A non guyed mast may move in the wind. This may cause an issue if you have a very directional microwave link.

    Regarding power, if only for a single user then solar/wind is a real viable option. I do such projects for work. However mains can deliver more power, more cheaply. You would need to do costings. Non mains is only really for places were mains is impossible or way too expensive. The ESB will run mains nearly anywhere but charge per pole for installation. You cannot run you own mains along land you do not own.

    Regarding equipment cabinet most professional mobile phone companies would have special large cabinets custom built that are designed for cooling. They would also want all professional installations with health and safety etc. It would be unrealistic for you to have a go yourself at that.

    It would be best to contract out the work to a professional installation company. I would say go for a pre-made building (depending on site access) and a mast designed to survive a hurricane. If other companies want to come on board later they will probably use their own building or for small providers a corner of existing building.

    If you do get your provider to do all the work then they will install what they need to their specs. You could do some sort of a deal where you pay for most of the work, but they can then use the mast for their own needs from then onwards. It's probably not a good idea to start becoming involved in hilltop sites and their management as it is not your core business.

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    Condi wrote: »
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    It depends. Very high sites tend to grow with equipment. They use large sites to link to other sites. Some sites have 20 or 30 links to other sites. Also when they go to upgrade from 3G to 4G it normally means more aerials, more equipment. Some suppliers have a pre-made unit they drop in place to save on-site time. A pre-made unit dropped using say a digger may not need an access road built.

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