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Curley's Furniture Liquidation Sale

  • 25-10-2012 10:40am
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    I see in today's Advertizer that Curley's Liquidation Sale seems to be on, on the headford road next week with 25 Containers of stock clearing.

    There is a Liquidation Sale on in Lisbaun this weekend, I think its furniture from one of Curley's smaller shops.

    I was at it two weeks ago and I thought the furniture was a bit over priced, hopefully this one will be better

    They have a website,
    I had my eye on a few pieces before they closed, I seen them on the website, hopefully I will get them at a knocked down price :)


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    i was at one of curleys furniture christmass sales a few years back and i thought the price and quality were very good , so i can imagine the prices for a liquidation sale

    does anybody know how long the sale will be running and is it open on sunday ?

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