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Red Bull DkIT

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    Hi all, just a wee thread on a new concept being rolled out this year in the college, my names Stephen and I am currently a student on the campus who has had the absolute pleasure of being employed by Red Bull Ireland as a Student Brand Manager (SBM). This is not a new idea they have been around many years nationwide on other campuses just never in Dundalk. My main objectives of being an SBM is representing Red Bull among the students. I will be around promoting the brand as well as merchandising on campus and surrounding areas. With my role I do have some benefits I can offer if you or your friends or societies have a party/event coming up depending if stock is available and enough time is given. We can offer you the use of our DJ Booths, portable bars, canopys, markees, parasols all depending these are not booked elsewhere across the nation and enough time is given to allow for organisation and transport Etc. These events/parties must fit in what the brand is about and cant be just for a pissup before ridleys on a Thursday night. Perhaps you may have an event coming up i too maybe able to organise the visit or our gorgeous :D Wiiings team to come down in their Mini Coopers to really put a stamp on your event again this depends on their availability. We as a company never Sponsor an event it doesnt fit in with what we are about we will not have our logo or name printed on your flyers, however like i said above we will try and facilitate you to make your event outstanding by putting our small touches to your personal ideas, at the end of the day its your event! Conditions do apply and you can drop me a pm so that i can meet yous in the college class and work depending etc, if not i can contact you over this on a suitable time so we can discuss possible outcomes and i can see if we can facilitate you. You can also contact me through my facebook or tweet me links below... Thanks and i look forward to seeing yous around college this year