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PC settings for using Creo 1

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    Hi all,

    Just installed creo 1 on my pc and im just wondering is there any certain settings that should be set to let creo take full advantage of what your system can do?
    I've 10 plus yrs exp. on solidworks but this creo is a little harder to navigate through to be honest.
    Reason I'm asking is, when I opened a new part I noticed when moving the cursor around the drawing screen a trail is left until you stop moving, and this happens with all tools I've selected, and right click on my mouse dosnt seem to work? all seems a bit odd
    Any one shed any light?
    Bit of info on my pc:
    Processor: Intel core i7 970 4GHz
    Ram: 6GB
    Graphics Card: ATI FirePro V8800 FireGL
    OS: 64-BIT