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T/F of HDD to external harddrive (from camera)

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    Hello all.
    I have loads of footage of my kids which I put onto a DVD and keep away in safekeeping. Previously I used a Sony video camera which recorded the footage onto a little tape and from that I play it back via the TV and tape it onto DVD. I then kept the little tapes as back-up.
    All very simple, yes?
    I bought a cool HD HDD (hard disk-drive) JVC camera last summer which is legendary (the picture is incredible). It can store up to 18 hours on the camera itself and while I have most of it transferred to DVD it is getting to the stage now where I need to either delete the footage from the HDD or back it up – I choose the latter.
    I bought a 2MB hard-drive which I reckon could store up to 18 years videos amazingly enough.
    I went to back it up yesterday and I am alarmed at how slow the procedure is. It took me from 14.00 yesterday to 07.30 this morning to transfer over around 20 scenes which is only around an hour of footage!!!
    Just to note that when I am transferring the files I am doing so at the best resolution (1,920 x 1,080) possible but I didn’t expect it to take so long!!
    Furthermore it appears that it is more to this than simply transferring files, it sounds like the files are being formatted into another program which makes the footage visible direct from the hard-drive, i.e. they can be filed in windows media for example.
    I kinda sound like I know what I am on about here but I don’t, I just do my best. My ‘simple’ question is if anyone knows of a faster way to transfer these files (other than reducing quality) and if the above sounds reasonable to them?
    Many thanks