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Audio/speech issues with sumvision cyclone micro 3

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right place for this - mods please move if needed!

    Just bought the sumvision cyclone 3 from amazon purely for watching movies when I go on holiday. Here it is:

    I have about 200 films/programmes on a 2.5' external drive. I was just testing it today. Most of my films are 720p mp4 files between 2-4 Gb in size.

    The thing is that some of them play fine, but some of them have very low speech :confused:. I have to turn up the volume really high to hear what people are saying, but then the background noise/music in the film is way too loud.

    Would anyone know what this could be? I'm generally technically minded :) but I wouldn't know much about video encoding/audio tracks/bit rates etc. and all that stuff. Hopefully someone here does!

    I doubt the player is broken. It must be something file-specific. For example I have AVIs of Futurama cartoons that sound perfect :confused:
    Thanks for any help!