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Location of the Battle of Yellow Ford, 1598?

  • 29-08-2012 7:51pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,023 ✭✭✭ Dostoevsky

    Does anybody know anything about the location in Armagh of this very famous battle in August 1598? To be honest, I'm not sure if it's in Armagh, Monaghan or Tyrone but the evidence seems to side towards Armagh.

    According to the excellent, Yellow Ford is in the townland of Cabragh in the civil parish ("paróiste dlí") of Grange. I have never heard of either of these places but I'd like to go up and see the site, which I hope is more interesting (i.e. marked) than the site of the Battle of Benburb in 1646 in Benburb, Tyrone (which incredibly had nothing to mark it).

    Where is the nearest village/town next to the site of the Battle of Yellow Ford? Is there a monument there today to mark it?

    Somebody on this website has a picture of what s/he claims is the "Actual Site Of The Battle Of Yellow Ford, Co. Tyrone". They do not however state where, precisely, it is in terms of townlands or directions, and the mention of Tyrone adds to confusion.

    Would anybody have clarity on its location and the best place to head towards to see the commemoration stone?



  • My father is from that part of the world, I'll ask him this evening. I have a vague notion that it is signposted - I'll see if I can get it on Google Maps for ye.

  • It's between blackwatertown and the grange - details sent.

  • It's between blackwatertown and the grange - details sent.

    Thanks, Mack. Interesting that it seems to be close to the site of another major battle, Benburb in 1646.* Did you find if there's a commemoration stone at Yellow Ford?

    *(As mentioned earlier, I couldn't find any commemoration stone at the Servite Priory in Benburb a few years ago which commemorated that battle, which was won by Eoghan Rua Ó Néill and in which thousands of people died).

  • Doestoesky, as far as I am aware there is no commemoration stone for the battle. I live quite close to it and would have walked the Yellowford Trail a few times, so unless something new went up in the last 3/4 years there is no commemoration stone unfortunately.