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Portable wireless streaming to tablet/media player

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    I have an android tablet (The jury now says this is a rip off of an iPad) several 2.5 HDDs with movies and a sumvision cyclone mini media player.

    I normally use the tablet on flights and connect the media player to hotel or accommadation TVs.

    What I would like is to access the media content with the tablet via wifi. Idealy a media player that can stream content from USB source and play to TV via hdmi and analog.

    I have seen on the market a Seagate GoFlex 500GB wireless drive but it is about €200.

    Any suggestions would be appeciated.

    PS: at home I have an Iomega screenplay Director and a screenplay DX, a Humax foxsat HDR, 3 UPC recording boxes and 3 DVD HDD boxes plus a few non subscription sky boxes.