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Humax T2 HDr or Panasonic

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    I need to get a recorder for both Freeview and Saorview in north east.
    Looking at Humax T2 Hdr and some of the Panasonic range such as PWT420 or maybe BWT720 ( if they get the Saorview sound issues sorted).

    I need to be able to schedule both Freeview and Saorview recordings from the EPG but understand there are problems with similar machines from Sony whereby if there is a recording scheduled for both Saorview and Freeview, then the second recording won't happen. Seemingly it doesn't see a scheduled recording from the other system unless a channel is selected from that system. Saorview and Freeview dont carry each others listings.

    I would appreciate if anyone in a Freeview spillover area who has either the Humax or a Panasonic Freeview HD recorder could test and verify if the same problem exists. "Accurate recording" is not necessary for me so it may be more likely to work without that enabled.

    I have a feeling it will be ok on a Panasonic as I have a Panasonic TV and both the Freeview and Saorview channels are always present on the EPG but want to be sure before I buy. I believe they disappear on the Humax when moving from Saorview to Freeview.