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MJD keeper issues

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    Alright lads. I have MJD in two keeper leagues and I have no idea what to do with him. I'd really appreciate some help so I'll list out both rosters in the hope that some kind soul can give me some advice.

    3 keepers in both leagues (I've put an asterisk next to the players I have currently marked to keep). No limit on what position the keepers play in.

    Roster 1

    QB Eli Manning *
    QB Romo
    RB MJD *
    RB B Wells
    RB R Grant
    RB CJ Spiller
    WR R White *
    WR D Bowe
    WR R Wayne
    WR L Robinson
    WR M Manningham
    TE A Hernandez

    Roster 2

    QB Newton *
    QB P Rivers
    RB MJD *
    RB B Wells
    RB CJ Spiller
    RB L Blunt
    RB A Bradshaw
    WR S Smith
    WR M Colston
    WR G Jennings *
    WR J Maclin
    WR M Austin
    TE A Hernandez


  • I have him in a keeper league also and there is no way im dropping him. He will play this season. May miss a couple of games but ask yourself is it worth the risk dropping him and someone claiming him on waivers and beating you with him when he eventually plays

  • Keep MJD, but I would also strongly advise dropping Manning for Romo.

  • Thanks for the replies lads.

    On the Manning/Romo chioice it's a toss up really. I just think Manning has been getting better and Romo has been regressing the last couple of seasons.

    To be honest if I thought there was a decent QB likely to be available I'd probably drop the both of them.

  • I'd keep Hernandez ahead of Eli in the first league. I'd keep MJD in both leagues.. A RB that productive is invaluable.