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Your CAD program?

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    Up until now I've only used Solidworks 2010, 2011 and 2012 and Autodesk's AutoCAD and CATIA the odd time/very rarely. I picked Solidworks to start on as the people I asked suggested it was a very intuitive program and I'd have to agree, it is very easy to learn the basics on. This year I'll be using Creo Elements/Pro in college ("Basic CAD" module :rolleyes::D) and in the Formula Student Car design. We used Solidworks for the car last year, but we're looking to do FEA and CFD on the car this year so we were told to go with Creo Elements/Pro.

    What do you use and why?


  • Well I only use SolidWorks since that's what we have to use for DCG in school.

    I've tried AutoCAD before but I prefer the UI in SolidWorks :rolleyes:

  • SolidWorks (various versions), and AutoCAD in a previous life. SW is a good general-purpose CAD tool, and has enough import/export options for what I need. Ultimately it's just a tool though, and if something that works better for us comes along I'd consider switching.

  • Pro E / Creo...

    Have used for the past 9 / 10 years in college and daily in work.

    Also use the FEA modules Mechanica / Simulation and the Mechanism applications....