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payment question

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    Hi guys,

    I went through the toll a few weeks ago now and I never usually pay before 8 the next day as i'm usually a bit busy so I wait for the letter to be sent out but I never got it!

    I used the "contact us" form on the eflow site about a week ago to try clear it up but I got no reply. I'd imagine the 40e payment is approaching and dont want to get stuck with that due to a mix up, could you guys advise?

    Ive also moved house so i dont know where you guys have my car registered to so that could be the problem?



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    Hi NoQuarter :)

    The letter goes to wherever the vehicle is registered, so maybe it was still at your old address at that stage.
    No problem for us to have a look for you. If you private message me your name, the vehicle registration number, and both addresses. Also, I presume you're the registered owner of the vehicle, but just in case not, I have to advise we can only discuss toll journey particulars with the registered owner.

    You will definitely be contacted by email - apologies for the delay - but in the meantime, we would be happy to look at your query.


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