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  • I use one, it takes a little getting used to at the start. I dont see it asa huge advantage over a three button mouse. The zoom functionality is betterthan using the mouse wheel IMO but other than that its not very different tousing a mouse to manoeuvre around a model/assembly.

  • Just an update on this.

    I got the SpaceNavigaor and have been using it a little bit lately.

    Moving around a model is a little awkward when getting used to it, but I'm pretty sure it's faster than the mouse. I timed myself using it(versus a mouse) to move between 10 seperate points on a large assembly I had and it was faster.

    I have the two buttons set up to "fit isometric" and "normal to" views which speeds things up a little too.

    Using it in Google Earth is beautifully smooth, so maybe someone working with GIS or larger models would find it useful.

    I probably won't see this thread much, so if anyone has any questions on using it, reply here and also PM me to remind me that you've done so!

  • Have used various models over the past 5 years at work.

    Defiantely a massive improvment on speed with large models and even parts.

    Worth setting up all the buttons for repetitive tasks - e.g. measure, new sketch etc...

    Have forgotten it one or two days and am at least 40% less efficent without it..

    My 2 cents...