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Pharmacy degree Acceptance for Secondary School Teaching

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    HI All, I'm just wondering if anyone can help. I have decided to go back and do a post grad to teach Chemistry in secondary school. I have currently a degree in Pharmacy but the degree isn't on the Irish Teaching Council list of approval. Does anyone know if this degree allows me to teach Chemistry and how does the process work to get the degree approved. Its really strange its not on the list as chemistry is a huge part of the course :confused::confused:. Any help would be super.
    Sean M.


  • To be honest, if it's not on the list of automatically recognized courses, no one here will probably be able to say for certain! The degree has to be checked by the Teaching Council and it's pretty much a guessing game until you get the final say so from them!

    Have you contacted them about checking your degree? There is a fee involved too.

  • The degree will only appear on the TC list if the college has paid a huge fee and had it accredited. The TC could well have accredited and approved it for dozens of people already, but each new applicant with the degree will still have to have it accredited.

    You will have to pay a fee, fill in a form and supply an unbelievable amount of documentation. I would say it would have a reasonable chance of being approved.

  • If it turns out your degree is not recognised by the TC and teaching is what you really want to do, I would advise you to to study the extra credits you'll need to have your degree recognised.
    I would also advise you to consider getting a second subject as it will be difficult to get employment with chemistry alone. know some schools who don't offer it at Leaving Cert due to cutbacks. It's being dropped in my school too.

  • It would be interesting to know if it is covered...
    (I have pharmacy degree too but not too keen on staying in community...)

    Please let us know if you get it checked to see if it covered.

    Good luck

  • Just wondering if anyone has any updates on this since last year?
    I'm a pharmacist who's interested in pursuing teaching, particularly Chemistry.
    Has anyone gone any further since or know of anyone who has? Thanks
    Also, I know that it has changed to a Professional Masters of Education as of2014. Anyone know if that changes entry??

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  • We had over 300 applicants last year for a four hour job in Chemistry - just to give you an idea of what's out there.