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New AMA with a US police officer (he's back!). You can ask your questions here


  • 19-07-2012 4:22pm
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    WOW - simply amazing such atrocities go unnoticed. It's a 30 minute video about a convicted Ugandan war criminal that the world has forget about.

    Please share this video and lets make Kony infamous.


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    not this **** again.

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    Let's just leave this here and then close the thread!

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    Only joking! See what I really wrote...


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    Does the OP know about Jason Russell's breakdown since the Kony thing?

    He was caught running around San Fransisco naked and abusing people!

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    Oranage2 wrote: »

    WOW - simply amazing such atrocities go unnoticed.

    Amazingly you yourself seemed to have "unnoticed" it over the past 6 months when it was all over the internet...

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