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Smart DVD questions

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    Just a couple of questions on the above.

    I have a wireless broadband router and I believe if you get a SMART blue ray dvd recorder/player? you can access certain internet features through it?

    I am interested in Youtube and RTE player so can someone possibly clarify these would be accessible and any thing else?

    Should the spec on the dvd machine just be "wireless capable etc?

    If that is the case do I just need homeplugs to get things going as the machine is not going to be in same room as the router?

    Finally,can anyone recommend an average,good make machine and also where to get the home plugs from.

    Many thanks


  • Widescreen,As you are in Limerick you should talk to Jean in the Panasonic store.She is pretty clued up on these issiues. The Panasonic Bluray recorders will do most of what you ask but not all are wi-fi enabled.I have two, the 720 and 750 but I dont think that Rte has joined up to let RTE player be enabled. This lassie can answer all these questions.TMULL

  • Called in to the shop.

    They have one for 200. They said its wireless and connects the same way as a laptop --no dongle , homeplugs or anything else needed . Does this sound right?

  • Sorry I cannot answer that question.I have done business with these people and found them to be helpful and easy to do business with. If they say it will do what you require I would be inclined to go along with that. If you purchase ,you could make it plain to them that it has to do what you want it to and that is a condition of the deal.Why not ask for an instore demo before you buy. TMULL