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I was getting horsed...

  • 14-07-2012 9:55am
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    Disclaimer: She was found. We need a few more versions of this image, hence the thread. This picture has already done the rounds on Facebook.


    For those who don't know, this is Aofie Finan who went missing after the Swedish House Fiasco 'Rave' in Phoenix Park.

    RTE should re-enact the moments after she left the gaff and use it as an advertisement for coming down off drugs. Picture the scene - Shes all happy at her first 'rave', the alcohol is flowing and she meets loads of new friends. After the gig shes invited back to a house party. Its here that she does her first pill. The emotions she feels are nothing shes ever felt before. For the first time in her life she feels at one with herself and shes never met such fantastic people in her life. As the time flys by, her emotions gradually change. Suddenly she snaps out of it. She looks around the room and everybody is asleep, the cd player is broken and the same repetitive looped vocal comes out of the speakers as the cd skips "WE'RE GONNA SAAAAAVE, THE WOOOORLD, TONIIIIGHT". Maybe the Swedish House Mafia aren't that great, she thinks. She has to leave. She makes a break for it and runs out of the house. Edgy and alone, she finds herself in a run down housing estate. She sweaty and paranoid. The people walking by her are staring at her, she must look awful. Confused and unaware of what day it even is, a surge of regret comes over her. Where are her friends? What day is it? She picks up a newspaper from the local petrol station and there she sees it - BOOM. 'Missing Person'..... And then it cuts to a scantily clad Miriam O'Callaghan who warns the audience - "DRUGS. DONT WORK."

    Here's the blank canvas:


    Fire up Photoshop .... now ...

    Will this fly well? 2 votes

    Hillarity will ensue
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    Morally corrupt. Think of the children!
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