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What do I do?

  • 10-07-2012 8:48pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 olympian2012

    Heya Im wondering what people think, Im looking at immigrating to Oz like most people my age in our early twenties but Im looking at going early next year but Im trying to find a job to save, but its proving difficult how have other people done this! its like a vicious circle Its hard to know what to do! Is there anything any one can recommend job site wise or new ways to stand out when applying for jobs! through the job sites or something?


  • Registered Users Posts: 20,299 ✭✭✭✭ MadsL

    You might find more help under the Australia forum...

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,786 ✭✭✭ RichardAnd

    You're asking a question that can't really be answered simply. There are many ways of finding employment besides the ever fickle means of luck. However, the following points might be of some aid.

    First of all, you need to prepare a good, concise CV. List out your experience, qualifications, skills and interests paying respects to such areas that you deem most pertinent. Try to keep it under three pages in length and if you can do it in less, do so but never leave out something you think will be useful. Ensure that your employment history begins with your most recent employer and if you are unemployed, state what you ate doing with yourself without explicitly stating that you're out of work as this implies that you're idle.

    After that, you will need to master the art of the cover letter. Many, many people do not grasp the importance of the cover note but it will be the first thing the prospective employer ever reads from your hand thus, you see its importance. Always begin with the reason why you are suited to the opening but remember not to repeat what is in your CV, only reference it. Do NOT include any vacuous sentences and avoid buzz phrases. Again, succinct is the name of the game and don't forget to modify your CV slightly to better suit the image you're setting in the cover note.

    I'm writing this next iota of advice as a separate paragraph to illustrate it's importance. Once you have your CV and Cover letter read it again to catch any spelling errors and once you've done that, do it several more times. If you're unsure about a grammatical nuance or spelling, either use a different set of words or seek advice elsewhere. Spelling and grammar errors will hang you when the employer reads your application. Equally, it's worth noting that attempting to make use of "big words" can appear ostentatious (forgive the irony ;) ) so don't use an eleven-letter word when a four-letter substituent will suffice. Your aim is the conveyance of information.

    I really could go on all night about this but I won't. No lie shall I tell you, it's a though market out there and will be for some time. Persistence is needed but also, exploring many avenues may just lead to a success. Good luck sir.

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    OP, as MadsL noted above, I think the Australia forum is probably a better place to get moving info, and the Work & Jobs forum may have info on how to find a job in Ireland, so I'm closing this thread. Good luck with your search!

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