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La Guerra Mara

  • 09-07-2012 1:28pm
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    Sunday, July 22, 2012
    Bellurgan Park Airsoft

    Gates open 0900
    Sign in closes 1100
    Game on 1200
    Endex 18:00

    Price €25

    With the recent adoption of the US dollar in El Salvador, economical growth is making progress and the country is beginning to improve on its infrastructure.

    However it is not just the legal trading and construction sectors that have benefited from the recent changes. The illegal drugs trade, especially in basuco, has profited far more than any other underground activity in order to feed Europe and the United States increasing demand.

    Control of the sale and distribution of basuco (ba-su-co) on the streets lies between two of the biggest and most bloodthirsty gangs in the world, 18th street and La Mara Salvatrucha. Both gangs have influence and contacts all over the world with the largest followings in Los Angeles and San Salvador. Both originated in El Salvador after the civil war and continue to fight over differences long forgotten by most.

    What this game is:
    If you enjoyed the Somali Conflict events then you will enjoy this similar game format!

    Somali Conflict II

    The game revolves around the trading of resources and making in game money. Players will have the ability to steal and deal their way to victory.

    Expect to experience negotiation with other players, intense firefights smuggling, hit and run attacks and some “stab in the back” style gameplay.

    For full story and rules