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    I tried to activate my autodesk account from 2008, but has a null username and password, so I can't activate any software. I've sent in an email asking for my username and password to be set to certain things. Does anyone know how long they take to respond to these sorts of things? And will it be as easy as them just saying oh yeah ok your username is X and your password is Y?


  • You might check that you are doing this correctly. Autocad is authenticated by sending a request code to autodesk. They will authenticate the product and generally send an authorisation code within 1 working day or alternatively if you have a live internet connection you may authenticate it on-line (automated procedure). I have never seen a user name and password set-up.

  • Forgot to post back here to say that I got it fixed. I emailed them and they simply created a new account for me. My old account had been archived because it hadn't been used in 4 years. All working now :)