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  • 26-06-2012 3:00pm
    Registered Users Posts: 331 ✭✭ silverfox88

    Ok so thinking of doing a few coloured classes and riding horse classes this summer. My horse is a four year old piebald gelding, and I'd aim to do the RDS with him next year, but want to see how he gets on in a few showing classes this year. I'd really like to give this my best shot so dont mind splashing out to a certain extent to see how he does!!

    Did the Kill show of the south last year with my mare and got some great tips from people on boards about what to do next time, just wondering if anyone had anymore general show tips (ive heard all sorts of things, tips for disguising scars, vaseline around noses/eyes etc, anything is helpful!) and also if there are any specifics for coloured classes?

    I have the usual rider stuff - Green tweed jacket, tie, velvet hat, beige jods etc; anything else i'd need? I'd like to buy a double bridle but if not I can get my hands on one or else ride in a pelham/hunter noseband combination, would that be acceptable or am I better trying to get the double?

    What about grooms? Last summer was my one and only attempt at showing and i was totally caught off guard by the need for a groom - what should they wear/bring in with them?

    Finally - saddle - as far as splashing out goes this won't be included :D I have a Stubben jumping saddle which i used last year, but I also recently bought a synthetic straight cut/dressage type saddle- would i be better using that for showing classes?

    Any advice would be so appreciated guys, I've found the boards people to be invaluable when it comes to advice in the past so thanks in advance for any tips you might have!!


  • Registered Users Posts: 127 ✭✭ Angelmangle

    You can ride in a pelham, if you have one already, obviously with double reins, some horses go better in this bit anyway. The jumping saddle should be fine to ride in, just make sure that you have a good quality, dark, snuggly fitting (it should nto be bigger than the saddle) numnah and a smart leather girth.

    Your groom is there to assist you after the Judge has ridden your horse and when you are getting ready for the confirmation Judge to assess it. Your groom should come in, roll the stirrups up, take the saddle off and rub your horses down to try and remove any saddle stains before trotting up for the confirmation Judge. You can also give the muzzle a quick wipe with the damp sponge. He/she should have a little basket or grooming box with a damp sponge, a brush and a clean teatowel (for rubbing down the saddle area). After the trot up, the grooms replace the saddle, leg you up and exit the arena.

    I usually just wear jeans and a tshirt and try not to look too scruffy looking

    Grooming is obviously very important for a showing class, so make sure your horse is given a bath the day before, is trimmed (feathers, ears etc), the mane & tailed are pulled and set. You can buy black "polish" for the hooves which goes on with a roller and sets in seconds to finish off. Baby oil for the muzzle and around the eyes Oh and get somebody to show you how to do quarter marks as well!

    Don't forget that appearance is just one aspect and that your horse must go well under saddle so you will have to put the necessary hours into riding and flatwork.

    If you are based in the North County Dublin/Meath area there is an agricultural show coming up on the 21 & 22 July with showing classes. Its run by Flavours of Fingal and will be held in Newbridge House in Donabate. It might be a nice relaxed show to try your had at showing.


  • Registered Users Posts: 331 ✭✭ silverfox88

    Thanks for that, very helpful!! I'm in Dublin so will definitely head down for that, great to hear what shows are on in the area!