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Post grad Diploma in computers

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    Hey, thinking of doing this instead of a masters in something arts related, might be better jobs outlook. Just wondering if anyone has done it on this? And how they got on? Thanks!


  • would you be eligible for springboard course?

  • Nope, cant get the grant, and can't get a job. Was thinking of doing it straight after a degree in Digital Humanities which I am doing in DKIT. To try and improve my job prospects

  • You should be able to get the Springboard grant if you aren't working. Basically this means your fees are paid for and you will be able to retain any social welfare payments you are currently in receipt of. You need to apply through

    I did the course last year and found it to be really good. It was tough but very enjoyable and you can be confident of a job at the end of it. I opted to stay there and am currently doing a PhD. Bottom line, you WILL have options at the end of the 8 months. The lecturers are great and organize companies looking to recruit to come in for seminars.

  • But Im not sure if I can get springboard cos Im not even sure If I can get the dole after I finished either cos of my parents income and that. That sounds promising I like the way the bring in companies and that. Is the maths element tough?

  • Hi, have you decided to do this course? I can give you some info if you like!

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