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Studying in the USA loans/grants

  • 09-06-2012 1:16pm
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    Hey, I'm sitting my LC at the moment and just received a scholarship to study in the states! It covers about 80% of the fees. It's still pretty pricey and i was wondering if there is any grants I could get for studying abroad? OR If there arn't any grants how i go about getting a student loan here? and how much i could get? or would i be better getting a student loan from a bank in the states? If all this fails do people still sponsor students? like rich people paying for students who they think are gonna do well on the condition they get the money back? basically i need to get this money anyway possible so if anyone knows anything let me know! THANKS!!! :D


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    Not fact based but I'd stay away from an American student loan. General knowledge leads me to believe they are the worst thing ever.

    Obama has done a bit to fix it but mostly it would benefit American citizens. (I'm assuming that you aren't an American citizen?)

    Go to your bank here and ask about loans, try a credit union. I got a student travel loan last year (which I'm sure this would come under). Bank of Ireland will give a student a €2,000 interest free 9 month loan. I know that it's probably not the amount or duration you were thinking but if it ends up being a case of not having the whole tuition at the point it needs to be paid it could be a nice bridger.

    Try I remember the US embassies website having info on education in the USA but apparently they just moved it to there.

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    Thanks very much! Yeh I've heard they are a terrible burden to come out of college with, but honestly I'm very stuck. It wouldn't be a huge amount`compared to what some american students have to take out, overall i would need about 5k per year from somewhere else! I will definitely have a look at that website. I have e-mailed some TD's seeing if they have any information on grants and stuff like that...but no word back yet. Fingers crossed it will all work out :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 828 ✭✭✭whupass

    I'm in the same boat applying for postgrads now. It's like all 5-7k a year. good luck with it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6 onlylovetopass

    There is a lot of options on that site for post grads! I'm undergrad and i can't find anything really. Do you know where you want to study yet?

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    Still trying to decide WHAT I want to study. I'm mostly thinking Europe though. The expectations for postgrads in America are extortionate. and you're green card is tied to your supervisors satisfaction, don't do enough and get deported.

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    Take a us student loan. The interest rate is really low compared to Irish student loans as the us government will make sure you don't default on them. ( you get the debt for life and no bankruptcy can stop it). But the interest is tax deductable.

    But the worse thing about getting a loan in Ireland is the euro to usd rate. You could see your loan costing you 12% more in a year than now if the rate worsens. There is people who got loan last year for 2 years of fees and because of the exchange rate can only pay a fraction of their fees this year

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 Anita Avgucevica

    Hey guys,

    Need Help! I got accepted to Millsaps and got the highest merit scholarship, it covers approx 80% of the tuition fees. I need another 7, 000 dollars for the tuition alone plus living costs and such. Any ideas? Will and american bank give me a loan? I have applied for an AIB loan but I doubt it will do much to cover the costs. All in all looking for about 20,000 grand.