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Single channel electronic pipettes

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    Heyo folks,

    Has anyone got any experience with single channel electronic pipettes? They seem to be a rarity, and I have yet to find someone on campus who has any advice on them. A few labs have the multichannels (and love them), but I'm looking for single channels (manual pipettes are not an option for routine work, but maybe for occasional stuff).

    So if anyone has any good or bad experience with various brands or companies, I'd appreciate the advice.


  • I believe the ones in our lab are from eppendorf, never had any problems and they hold their charge pretty well. Pipette tips come in various sizes, allowing pippeting of very small (ul) to quite large volumes (up to 10 ml).

  • I had one for a while (a Gilson) but found it slightly heavy for my liking. Check the weight before you buy one.

  • Generally the reps are quite accommodating - you should ask for a demo model for a few days to try the out. During my phd I got to try out a couple of sets of pipettes to see which I preferred for a week :)

  • avalon68 wrote: »
    Generally the reps are quite accommodating - you should ask for a demo model for a few days to try the out. During my phd I got to try out a couple of sets of pipettes to see which I preferred for a week :)

    Oddly, only one rep has been able to get me a sample, and thats only of their own brand. The rest of them have never seen one and are having trouble getting samples.

  • You could try contacting the customer service for the companies directly and explain that you are looking to buy, but cant judge performance from a picture. Ask them to provide a few of their different models to your local rep - even if you only get to try them out for an hour it would be better than nothing. Maybe the rep could do a department demo of some of their gadgets or something.....potential for more sales might hurry things along :) Good luck!

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  • Do you mean the type that allows stepwise dispensing? i.e take up 1ml and dispense 50 x 20µl. Sometimes people confuse electronic pipettes with electronic pipette fillers.

    I've used Thermo before and they were alright. (On trial from the rep as mentioned before) Certainly saved me from RSI! Charge didn't seem to be an issue - but it never is when they're new.

  • An electronic version of the standard eppendorf/gilson/finnpipette/etc is what im after.
    We have pipette fillers (for sticking onto glass/serological pipettes), and I've seen other people have positive pressure dispensers, that look useful for PCR but they're not for general lab use really.

    I have contacted a number of companies, but they seem to be reluctant to source samples even though I am certainly going to be buying a set.

    Got to try the VWR own brand ones today, and they're not for me. The dispense button is in an uncomfortable location, but fair dues to the rep, he was the only one who's sourced anything for me to try so far.

  • I've used positive displacement pipettes (Gilson) before, need special tips aswell, but yes you are correct - they wouldn't be suitable. Good for preventing contamination of the pipette.

    How exactly will be using it? Uptake + single dispense - repeat as with normal pipette. I find the additional weight only makes sense when using them with multiple dispenses.

  • Up and (generally) single dispense like a normal pipette. So all the big manufacturers make e versions of their pipettes, but they're all significantlymore expensive than regular mechanical pipettes so the reps dont seem to get access to samples.

    I'd love to try something like the gilson M, but i can't get quotes on them, not to mind say actually try one out.

  • Yeah I hear ya. Where I was working we had made a few large equipment purchases from Thermo - it was easy enough to talk them into giving us a trial (coinciding when we needed to ramp up production :D).

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  • I'v been using Biohit e-line electronic pipettes for a while now. I got them 'free' with a piece of equipment I purchased. Definitely makes life easier which you are switching between different volumes as you can program six volumes and changing between them is fast and efficient. Don't find them heavy. You can do repeat dispensing and all other manner of functions I never use!!

  • The main problem is the "ergonomics". Are the buttons actually comfortable to use?

    Tried out GilsonM today, weight wise it's grand, but it seems to be chunkier than a regular gilson so im not sure if the dispense button is harder to reach. Getting a longer trial of one in a while though.

  • In case anyone's interested in my pipette trials and tribulations. Got a further loan of the Gilson M, it's nice, affordable and feels like a good pipette.

    I also got a loan of an Eppendorf Xplorer and I'm in love :( they're about twice the price of any other e-pipette though (although they cover a much wider range). They are incredibly comfortable to use though, seems when they designed it they actually had people with normal hands doing the testing.

    Time to batter my grant around a bit and see can i find the moneys!

  • We use Pipetboy acu's in our lab and there have never been any complaints.

  • yes i have very good experience with Electronic Pipette.