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eGo CE 4 Charger help

  • 01-06-2012 11:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,833 ✭✭✭ Andy-Pandy

    Oh no disaster, the friday of a bank holiday and my usb charger for my eGo CE4 is broken. Ill never make it through the weekend with my sanity intact. Can i pick one up in Dublin anywhere or does someone have one i can buy/borrow/beg off of them?


  • I'm afraid that I'm down in Galway so not muc h help, but what you do need is a Ego Charger (you can ignore the CE4 bit). Do you know if it's the actual Ego USB Charger or the Wall Adapter that is broken (or both?)

    I remember reading in a post on another forum about having spare chargers, batteries etc. Good advise me thinks for times like this.

  • Both of these have collection in Dublin which should sort you out.

  • It's the part on the charger that screws in to the battery unit, the internal wires have snapped due to me making a balls of unscrewing it (i know, i know), its beyond fixing i think.

  • If the shops derra linked can't sort you out and you're still stuck by Sunday, I've a spare you can have

  • Thank you all very much


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  • Gotta say vapers on here are real helpful, in many different respects :)

  • Yea, i remembered someone saying they should have posted here when they got stuck over Christmas. It is very much appreciated.

  • I just want to publicly say a massive thank you to wingnut32 from e-smokeireland for sorting me out today. Im looking forward to testing out those flavor I picked up from you as well, ill put up some reviews when i get the chance.

    Thanks so much,