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Just got delivery of JOYE EGO STARTER KIT (510 VERSION)

  • 01-06-2012 12:59pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,897 ✭✭✭ keith_d99

    Hi all,

    Just got this in the post - ordered yesterday - delivered today (good service from vapourstore). Interestingly the envelope was already opened - looks like somebody was suspicous! :)

    Anyhow a couple of questions:
    - It comes with 5 free sample cartridges - is there a way of telling what flavour/nicotine sample is which?? Can't see anything on the wrapper.

    - Do you reuse the cartridges when done??

    Also any recommendations on what liquids to buy? (I'm a marlboro light smoker)

    Thanks in advance!


  • the sample ones if there liquid ones would tell you when you ordered or on your order itself.
    You may have 5 empty ones there, you can refill them quite a few times (topup)

    Try the RY4 mixes usually a good start point

    Checked the shop:

    5 x Tobacco Flavour Cartridges (High Strength - If you would prefer a different strength, please mention in it the delivery instructions comment box at checkout)

    So you got high strength ones. ie 1.8 - 2.4 i believe

  • Don't think they are blank

    Description says:
    5 x Cartridges (Marlb flavour, assorted strengths)

    On closer inspection - looks like they are Marlboro with the 5 strengths - High, Medium, Low, None ... can't read last one - must be extra high.

    So do I just buy the liquid now and reuse the cartridges?

    Also what strength would be good to start for a Marlboro light smoker - medium?


  • should be labeled to be honest, if not its "high" as per there description,
    you can also fire a quick email to them.

    this the one? :

  • ok just seen it

    thats your one

    should still be labeled for customers

    Also in future try buying the liquid in a bottle i.e. 5/10/20/30 or 50ml and not filled cartridges,
    as you can refill your atomizer head over and over, cheaper and better

    Edit: Sir Digby will give you more recommendations soon too, me thinks, as he is our Boards-Vaping Guru, and a wealth of Info's