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How to rediscover my spirituality and feel more grounded?

  • 30-05-2012 1:06am
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    Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice :D I've always been a very spiritual person but I feel that I've lost sight of it in the last few years. I guess I've just let real life get on top of me a bit and not made time for myself :( So I'm on a mission to rediscover myself :) However, I'm quite a 'head' person and I'm finding it difficult to ground myself and get back in tune with my feelings. I never had a problem with meditation before but now I find I can only get there if its an audio guided meditation, where some voice is telling me what to do. Can anyone give me any tips on how to become more 'feeling' and grounded? Or am I destined to live in my head forever?? :pac:


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    You HAVE to make time for yourself.Most people are living in their heads with thoughts and worries and plans
    going around non-stop.When you meditate without being grounded,it brings a calmness for a while but the energies will just start up again because they are still in your head and you need to put them into the ground.
    You have to stimulate and open your root chakra.
    Meditate on your root chakra(barefooted) and dont float off,just stay in your body.
    Visualise red and use chakra toning or listen to the tone with headphones.

    A much better way to get grounded in to get out into nature(a wood is best) and find a quiet spot away from other people and
    their energies.Find a tree,They are very grounding(deep roots)and sit by it for at at least 20/30 minutes barefooted.
    Listen and look around.close your eyes if you want,do what ever feels good.Nature will take anything you dont need
    and all you need to do is sit there and it everyday or as often as you can and you will feel real change
    after a few weeks.It takes time but it will ground you and the summer is the best time to do it:)...Best of luck

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    i say get in touch with your pain, it wraps itself around joy and cuts you off from parts of yourself

    i havent had a mystical experience for a while and it was bothering me until i realised that where i needed to be was wading through the dense 3dimensional stuff in my life

    in my experience if im all in my head its because there is a big feeling that wants to come up and im avoiding it, that would make meditation hard also because its difficult to sit with something you are trying to shut down (subconsciously)

    maybe a healing session would help ground you temporarily to let your emotions bubble up a bit, it can be hard to allow that on your own if you are busy

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    Ground yourself in your body through exercise. Do something that concentrates your focus on your body. This is the greatest way to ground yourself. Either take up a martial art, or just go running. It will connect you to your body more.

    Also, and this may sound strange, you could try do face stretching exercises. Explore your emotions by making sad/happy/angry faces. The emotions should accompany the facial expression. Basically you "feign" the emotion through your expression and thereby enliven those feelings. You can do it in a mirror for heightened affect.

    Aside from that, do things that are emotionally engaging. Anything expressive. Anything artisitic.

    And don't forget to look at how other people are doing it!