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Eye contact & Lack of confidence

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    I'm looking to get help with my eye contact issues.
    I think its down to lack of confidence in myself.

    First of all I need to get help.Secondly where do I go?
    I did a bit of reading on this and I think I may suffer from "social anxiety " .
    Has anyone got CBT for this?

    I'm based in Cork.So if anyone knows any therapist/psychologist, please reply or send and IM.


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    As per the forum charter all posters are requested to read prior to posting:
    While we encourage discussion on the various ways of treating phobias, we often also get requests for recommendations for professionals in particular geographical areas.

    We cannot give specific professional recommendations - you should choose a therapist based on how well YOU get on with them not how well someone else does & any thread asking for recommendations will be locked.

    There is an excellent thread in the Psychology Forum on how to go about finding a counsellor, therapist or psychologist for yourself HERE which we recommend you read instead.

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