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Very Open Heart Chakra

  • 23-05-2012 12:36pm
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    I had reiki done today and found it very emotional. I was upset after but felt a great release from it.

    The reiki master told me that my heart chakra was very very open, too much and that I was a very sensitive person. This is very true, Im the one alot of my friends come to with issues and I often feel as soon as I meet people, I can sense their state of mind and take on their emotions.... its very bad, to the point where I avoid watching movies as I nearly put myself in the emotional state of the characters!!!! I definitely feel my heart chakra is way off balance.

    Ive had a bereavement in the last year and I really feel I need to be looking after myself.

    I guess I want to know can anyone tell me more characteristics of a very open heart chakra and some methods on balancing it???


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    In order for your Heart to open the Heart chakra being open is a good thing. However having an active Heart chakra is different than the Chakra being open. What I mean is if your Heart chakra is very active you may feel out of balance and effected by others negative emotions. Keeping the Heart chakra clean and active is important for healthy and loving relationships with others, where you are not affected by negativity.

    Having your Heart Chakra open is the best protection you could possibly imagine. Heart is very special as only Love from the Divine can fully open your Heart Chakra so that the Heart can open towards Divine Love which is very important for your Spiritual life and in essence is one of the main purposes of our existence.

    Heart is the key of our connection to the Divine Source and once you start using your Heart in daily life you will feel the benefits of living a Heart-centred life. Here below are two websites about opening your Heart and about Reiki Tummo which basis it's whole structure around the Heart. There isn't any need whatsoever in being worried about having your Heart open if anything it reflects how good you are living your life and how developed Spiritually you really are :)

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    thats a real gift and a burden at the same time!

    i would say you need to work on energetic boundaries. i wear a space suit :) (an energetic one that is!) or an orb

    a friend taught me how to do cord cuttings once and ive used them ever since. if you feel youre taking on someone elses emotions break the cord thats forming, imagine its like a silver thread going from them to you and just snip! sometimes you need to use an axe! and really focus on breathing but i find that helps me

    another thing is to move around and dont freeze or put yourself on the other end of things, stretching looking over peoples heads if there are vacuums in theirs eyes, breathing into your toes

    pink crystals in the bath, rose quartz is great! sigur ros are a band that i listen to a lot, their music is like being embraced which is just what you need when going through a difficult time x