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Help Finding an Old Treasure Hunt book (1981-ish). Jewel Encrusted Owl was treasure.

  • 22-05-2012 2:10pm
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    I hope this is the right forum, i couldn't figure out where to post this at all.

    A few years ago i remember (barely) reading, in a Sunday Magazine, about a book that was published roughly around 1981. (Can't remember the year, but that's the one that stuck with me.)
    Apparently there was a lot of books written around then, that were clues to Treasure Hunts. The treasure was not always found.
    As i write this, some of the article is coming back to me, i think it listed all the books that the treasure was never found, using the clues from, and it had a story in it about a Farmer (again, i'm not 100%), that accidentally uncovered the treasure of one book, and was allowed to claim it. He had never even heard of the book.

    Anyway, I'm hoping somebody knows of the book in particular, that i'm referring to. The Prize was "donated" by some Lord, or Bank, and it was one of the biggest at the time. It was a Golden Owl, that was Jewel encrusted. E.G. It's eyes were Ruby's and there was Diamonds on it's wings.

    According to the Article, it was never found, and the treasure hunt still remains open, for anyone to find it. The people who devised the clues, did so separately and the man who was in charge, died in the 90's..
    The only thing i am 100% about, is that i read it in a Sunday Magazine, but not sure which. Possibly the Times.
    That's all the info i can remember about it, any help would be great, i have searched high and low, and the length and breadth of the internet ,can't find any info. Maybe i'm not looking in the right sites/forums.

    Sorry for the long post, couldn't explain it any shorter.


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    I'm not sure where you were looking, but a quick search I did just now on google was pretty productive.

    The site is in french though, so might not be the most useful resource.

    This post on a message board might prove give more info.

    Sounds interesting!

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    Wow, thanks, wasn't expecting an answer that quickly :) Will look at those sites now, thanks.



    How the heck? I have looked for that before, and used google, dogpile, altavista, and any other search engine i could think of.

    That must be it, but there was definitely a book published, unless there's two of them? Edit - Book is mentioned in Wikipedia

    Too much of a coincidence, with main guy dying etc.. The Owl is buried since 6968 days

    But i could've sworn it was the early 80's and he died in the 90's..

    Am i going insane? If he only died in 2009, then i must've only read the article in the last 3 years, which i don't think it was..
    Thanks very much for this, going to read more about it.. :D and find that damn Owl. ;)