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UK Police to start on the spot extracting mobile phone data of criminal suspects.

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    In another blow to civil liberties, UK Authorities can now extract your smart phone of all data on the spot if they suspect criminal activity and retain this information even if you were proved innocent.

    If you were caught up in a peaceful demonstration that went sour, or your name red flagged at port of entry over some minor offense picked up abroad you will be liable to have your phone content scrutinized and retained.

    The data includes call history, texts and contacts, and the BBC has learned that it will be retained regardless of whether any charges are brought.

    The technology is being used in 16 London boroughs, and could potentially be used by police across the UK.Campaign group Privacy International described the move as a "possible breach of human rights law".

    Until now, officers had to send mobiles off for forensic examination in order to gather and store data, a process which took several weeks. Under the new system, content will be extracted using purpose built terminals in police stations.

    It will allow officers to connect a suspect's mobile and produce a print out of data from the device, as well as saving digital records of the content


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