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Airlines coping with delays etc

  • 13-05-2012 11:59pm
    Registered Users Posts: 326 ✭✭ John C

    While reading that thread about airline food; I recalled delays with Airlines before "no frill airlines". Here are my vague memories.

    Frankfurt 1990: Three hour delay at Frankfurt. AL staff give out meal vouchers. See also footnote.

    - December 1999: Frankurt Aer Lingus. Snowstorm. Flight IRL at 2000H. Airport closed.
    AL staff arranged accommodation at airport hotel with breakfast.

    Two hour delay at Munich Aiport. Year??: AL staff distribute meal vouchers.

    On three occasions my bag did not arrive in Cork or Dublin. It was delivered by taxi within twenty four hours.

    In some ways Aer Lingus are still flexible. In April 2010 I had a flight which was moved around. AL reimbursed some of my extra costs.

    What are other person's experiences of being mollycoddled by airlines on an economy ticket.

    Footnote re Frankfurt-Dublin 1990.

    We arrived three hours late in Dublin. The irish world cup squad's plane had flown in from Italy. It was on the tarmac next to ours. I saw "the Irish heoes". Nice consolation. The baggage staff were so excited that my bag stayed in Dublin.


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    British Midland (again, I seemed to use them a lot...) providing rather a lot of food vouchers, repeatedly, for myself and the people who were collecting me when a bag was delayed; until the last LHR-DUB flight had arrived, then had it taxiied out the next morning when it eventually made it back from wherever it had been. Think I got a new set of vouchers after they realised it wasn't on each flight that had come in.

    The taxiing out of bags is still commonly enough done I think.

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    With the costs of the flights in them days they could well afford to dish out some freebies every now and then