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Vet Nursing- Mature Student Interviews

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    Registered Users Posts: 7 ✭✭✭ Jessie52

    I applied through the CAO for the Vet Nursing in Dkit, I sent my application for a mature applicant back to the college in March. I was wondering if anyone know's when they call you for an interview.

    Thanks so much


  • Got an interview for the 14th of May :-)

  • Hi Jessie,
    Congrats on getting the interview! This forum appears to be quiet enough, so it might be a few days before someone "in the know" as it were replies about their interview experiences.
    I didn't do vet nursing myself, but from my experience in getting into Dundalk as a mature student, the interview took 20-30mins, we talked about why I was interested, any previous experience, and what the course contained. All very informal and friendly.
    Best of luck with it!:)

  • Hi Panthro
    Thanks for the well wishes, you make the interview sound a lot less daunting :-), does there be many interviewed as mature students.